Rob & Maia onsite at a Bellydance Festival in Atlanta, GA. While staying lighthearted with positive vibes during stressful events, they’re always meticulous and serious about the work they do

With a humble two-camera beginning at Kassia’s bellydance hafla, we’ve grown into a full-time production company specializing in multi-camera live-streamed and post-produced productions for:

  • Stage events (dance, musicals, theatre, concerts, etc.)
  • Corporate events (presentations, galas, etc)
  • Promotions (commercials, training videos, instructional videos, promo reels, etc.)
  • Film Production (planning, shooting, resource acquisition, post-production, etc.)
  • Life Biographies
  • Life Events

Started by founder Rob Rothkopf, we collaborate with teams of like-minded experts who hold their quality-bar high. A few things about our philosophy:

  1. Life is 3D. Whenever possible, shoot with multiple cameras, otherwise we’re retelling events in just 1 dimension
  2. Sound matters! If it doesn’t sound good.. it ain’t good
  3. Collaborate Creatively. Most of our clients are VERY creative.. keep an open mind, work together, and understand what is wanted and needed. Respect each other and what they bring to the table.
  4. Play! Stay engaged with the subject matter, and shoot passionately. What you put in, is what you get out, and this will show in the work. HAVE FUN.
  5. Edit and Live-Switch Appropriately. We are storytellers, retelling life, or retelling visions (in the case of original creation). Good editing enhances and makes for a compelling retelling. Bad production will alter the event, and the intent. This is particularly true with theatre and dance productions where there are many different audiences — preservation of choreography is key to the creators, while watching audiences also want to be entertained, see faces and get front-seat close shots to see technique.
  6. Trust the crew, and understand each person’s strengths.
  7. Bring Backups! Things happen, and professionals bring backups.
  8. Always keep learning (stay humble)

As CP grows its connections, we continue dispelling any fears about multi-camera productions, whether they be about affordability, suitability, artistic preservation, whatever. And we look forward to the continued journey, meeting and collaborating with more of the AMAZING, Talented, Creative people who keep crossing paths… because afterall… Life. is. Art.

Live Streaming for Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo NY. 8 Cameras, lower-3rd semi-transparent overlays, integrated/synchronized pre-recorded content, on-site audio engineering and worldwide HD streaming.