The Candlelight Productions Website is Getting a Facelift

Long overdue, we’re getting a facelift! Not because we’re getting old and wrinkly (although wrinkles are beautiful!) but because our Website ought reflect our tagline:

because Life. is. Art.

We know you don’t want to wait to see what we’ve been up to, so here are a few samples. Have a creative idea, beautiful vision, or dream that you need realized? Have a problem you’d like to brainstorm ways of solving? Perhaps a live stream or socially-distanced performance, a promotional reel or life story you need told. Contact us and let’s talk!

The organizers @ Temple Beth Zion knew they wanted to create something better than “good enough” for their congregants during the High Holy days. Candlelight Productions brainstormed and envisioned, and Live Streamed their services to thousands of viewers across the world, seamlessly mixing their live happenings with COVID-safe pre-recorded content.

This video is the full stream archive, with a beautiful opening Kol Nidrei featuring renowned cellist Roman Mekinulov starting 2 minutes in.

Besides their main service, we helped recreate the outdoor beauty attendees were used to expecting at their outdoor “Alternative” Services this year, featuring beautiful song and story from Sarah Schultz and Judy Henn, pre-recorded honored guests and more.

After visiting the Perpetual Flames at Chestnut Ridge Park, Kelly and Yvonne were inspired to create an emmersive in-the-round dance amidst the beautiful tall pines.

Performing Arts Dance Academy’s performance of “The Garden”, performed at beautiful Shea’s Performing Arts center

We love retelling all stage performances, and we’re told we’re pretty good at shooting dance, balancing the close-up detail shots while still preserving artistic integrity of the choreography.